Christopher Columbus lands on a Caribbean Island after three months of traveling. Believing at first that he had reached the East Indies, he describes the natives he meets as “Indians.”


Forced Sterilization

In the 1970s thousands of Native American women underwent sterilization procedures against their will or without their consent. As many as half of the Indian women and teens of child-bearing age were victimized by government policy and practice intended to control the Native population, reduce the financial burden on taxpayers and provide physicians with extra experience and income.


Photo: Library of Congress


For too long American history has been taught from just one perspective – the myopic view of the settler colonists – and so many of the facts of the country’s past have been conveniently swept under the rug. Project 1492 is intended to offer a different view of history while informing average Americans about many events that have been omitted from the mainstream narrative or forgotten entirely. History has consequences, and the impact of the choices made over the past 500 years have put an indelible stamp on this country that continues to impact the relationship between the descendants of European settlers and modern-day Native Americans.


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