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Lessons of Our Land is an interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum developed as a way to easily incorporate Native American stories, lessons and values into regular K-12 classroom instruction. Aligning with state educational standards, this dynamic curriculum is used successfully by teachers in more than 100 school districts.


When Rivers Were Trails

When Rivers Were Trails is an accessible, educational 2D adventure game created by the Indian Land Tenure Foundation in conjunction with the Michigan State University’s Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab. It teaches young people about an important and often overlooked period of time in United States history.


Treaty Signers Project

The Treaty Signers Project examines how business interests in land speculation, railroads, the fur trade, mining and forestry manipulated the treaty making process to profit from the taking of so much Indian land. The “American Myth” tells us pioneers were the driving force of settlement. The Treaty Signers Project reveals the real story.