For too long American history has been taught from just one perspective – the myopic view of the settler colonists – and so many of the facts of the country’s past have been conveniently swept under the rug. Project 1492 is intended to offer a different view of history while informing average Americans about many events that have been omitted from the mainstream narrative or forgotten entirely. History has consequences, and the impact of the choices made over the past 500 years have put an indelible stamp on this country that continues to impact the relationship between the descendants of European settlers and modern-day Native Americans.

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The stories you’ll find here aren’t easy to read, but they are important. Most Americans have no idea what happened to American Indians in the past or what their lives are like today. Our goal is to share as many of those stories as we can.  We began with a dozen or so, but there are many more in the works that will be added to the Project 1492 website going forward. We want to hear from you, too. Please contribute your story ideas through the Contact page. Tell us what you’d like to see. Tell us what you think people need to know. Tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lessons of Our Land is an interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum developed as a way to easily incorporate Native American stories, lessons and values into regular K-12 classroom instruction. Aligning with state educational standards, this dynamic curriculum is used successfully by teachers in more than 100 school districts. While Lessons of Our Land positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum emphasizes the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans. The curriculum is available free of charge. (Click here to visit lessonsofourland.org)

When Rivers Were Trails is an accessible, educational 2D adventure game created by the Indian Land Tenure Foundation in conjunction with the Michigan State University’s Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab. Set in 1890, the game takes players on a journey across the west as Anishinaabeg displaced from their lands in Minnesota. Students will meet American Indians from the Midwest to California who are experiencing the life-changing impact of land allotment. It teaches young people about an important and often overlooked period of time in United States history. (Click here to download When Rivers Were Trails)


Project 1492 would like to acknowledge the generous support of the foundations, corporations, American Indian Tribes and individuals who have made this effort possible. If you’d like to support the project, please donate to help the next generation of Native Americans leaders make their dreams of a college education come true.