The Indian Land Tenure Foundation provides free Indian land tenure curriculum for all educational levels.

Head Start & K-12 Curriculum

Lessons of Our Land is an interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum created by ILTF as a way to easily incorporate Native American stories, lessons and values into regular classroom instruction. Aligning with state educational standards, this dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum is used successfully by teachers in more than 100 school districts. While Lessons of Our Land positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum emphasizes the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans. The curriculum:

  • Meets state standards in multiple core areas including history, art, civics, mathematics, science, geography and language arts
  • Includes grade-level appropriate lessons in four key content areas
  • Has a wide variety of online resources teachers can use to supplement the lessons
  • Includes a teachers guide for curriculum integrations
  • Has specific state adaptations for California, Minnesota and Montana. In addition to state adaptations there are general lessons which can be used to teach Native Land Tenure History anywhere in the U.S.A.

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College Curriculum

The Native Land Tenure History course is intended to serve as a starting place for faculty to develop a course particular to the academic field in which it will be offered. It discusses Native land tenure issues and problems currently facing Indian people outlined as an introductory, three- or four-semester credit, college-level course. The curriculum components include: